Brick wall interior

Hey guys,
This is my last project of a minimalist interior with a brick wall.
Hope you like it!


Close up shot:


Wow that is an awesome render. Have you a special technique to model this pillows so realistic?

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve used Marvelous Designer to model pillows.

Ah, ok.
I tried many times pillows like yours in Blender but i never got good results. Normal pillows with some wrinkles are
easy to made with force field but i never got so realistic results.
Btw how long was the rendertime? :slight_smile:

You should try Marvelous Designer. It allows to model realistic fabric materials in a realtime simmulation.
I’ve rendered the scene with i7 5960x and the rendertime was about 1,5h (1000 samples).

Can we see a picture of the raw render and how did you create the look with compositing? or filters?

…those bricks are nice, almost wanna reach out and touch them! Super-amazing interior:)!!

Looks great. My eyes tell me that the bricks are a little bit too big, but perhaps my eyes are wrong. :slight_smile: I like so much the coffe machine shader and specially the cigar look.

Great scene!!

GReat render and scene! My eyes told me the same as dogdayfear. But anyway, great. Congrats.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: Bricks are in a good scale, each brick has dimensions about 250x120x65 mm.

Here is raw render:
I’ve composed image in Photoshop.

For me it’s looking like a real photo.
I wish I could also create so photorealistic scenes. :slight_smile:

Wow!! Stunning! How did you achieve those edges effect in the coffee machine?

Thank you, I’ve used Substance Painter for texturing coffee machine. This app has an edge masking function :slight_smile:

Dis u use a Displacement modifer for this brick wall or just normalmap?

Displacement modifier and normal map in shader material

How did you light this? Even the raw render looks great!

I’ve used HDRi for key light, and some blueish fill. To get gradient on the wall i bumped key light with area light in a window outside the frame.

This is an amazing render! Congratulations for this nice work, I feel that I like the raw rendering more then the final one. Maybe its because there is a lot sharpness correction on the image. Whatever, it’s great!