Bridge Design Concept | Modern Style

While thinking up architectural designs for a short film set in the future, I came up with this design for a bridge. I do admit it’s a bit overkill with the tall tension support, but I was going for an a-symmetrical design.
If you have suggestions to make it seem less OP, please leave a comment!
(I’m not an actual architect, but I like to dabble in designs, so if it looks really not practical from an architectural standpoint, I’d love to hear about it!)


Updated Scenery

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What is the meaning of this “OP”?

Over Powered haha

That’s what I thought, but then I thought it might be “out of place”.


Don’t know much about bridges but I think you might be breaking implicit suspension bridge laws is why is looks odd.
Well, the first is that they do not usually appear asymmetrical, but I like your idea for the future theme.
The main one, I thought is that there is no overlap in the supports/tethers. Normally they would meet in the middle, but with one higher maybe meet 3/4 along the bridge.

Actually I found one like yours:

Oh cool! thanks for sharing the link!