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While thinking up architectural designs for a short film set in the future, I came up with this design for a bridge. I do admit it’s a bit overkill with the tall tension support, but I was going for an a-symmetrical design.
If you have suggestions to make it seem less OP, please leave a comment!
(I’m not an actual architect, but I like to dabble in designs, so if it looks really not practical from an architectural standpoint, I’d love to hear about it!)


Updated Scenery


What is the meaning of this “OP”?

Over Powered haha

That’s what I thought, but then I thought it might be “out of place”.


Don’t know much about bridges but I think you might be breaking implicit suspension bridge laws is why is looks odd.
Well, the first is that they do not usually appear asymmetrical, but I like your idea for the future theme.
The main one, I thought is that there is no overlap in the supports/tethers. Normally they would meet in the middle, but with one higher maybe meet 3/4 along the bridge.

Actually I found one like yours:

Oh cool! thanks for sharing the link!

I am an architect and there have been a number of recent cool bridge designs (both built and proposed) that would be considered similar in style to what you modeled. Yours is very nice, if I were to nitpick I would say the oval horizontal connection supported by the cables is a little too thick and wide, could perhaps be a little more “streamlined”.

I like how you presented it as though it is a real life handcrafted model (except floating!). feature-68-Calatrava_2

This is my first post, let’s see if these photos show up:

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Thank you! those are some really neat designs. And I agree the horizontal section is a bit thick. Thank you for the comment!