Bridge of doom

High Res

Bit of a strange title… but I wouldn’t really consider this an artwork :stuck_out_tongue:
Just made to kindof improve my skills, speed and quality of tutorials.

Took around an hour or two, which is good since it’s made for the soul purpose of a tutorial, and no one like long tuts :slight_smile:

For thumb:

bridge of doom? wheres the bridge keeper? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You go ahead and cross… I’ll just wait here and deal with any trolls until you get back.

An update…
I thought it was too flat looking and not very 3D

WHAT is your name?
WHAT is your quest?
WHAT is the flying airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?

WHAT is the flying airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?

African or European? :smiley:

Nice render ! The rope look very well modeled but with a little bit of hair particle it could look even more realistic (?).


The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles per hour, beating its wings 7-9 times per second (rather than 43). But please note that a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut. And yes the rope could use some hair particles and maybe the boards could use a better texture to but overall very nice!

Whats with all the unrelated comments?
Anyway, heres another update… perhaps this should be moved to the focused critique section
Click the image for high res, else you may not see the little hand

Ok, in my mind it’s done. Any critiques? (i.e. moderator please move this to the appropriate forum (i.e. focused critique) thanks)
High Res

Sorry for the unrelated comments. It was to tempting to quote the Monty Python’s movie “Holy Grail”.
I definitely don’t want to walk that bridge :blush:

The only critique for me is the way the poles are sticked to the ground that doesn’t look very realistic but other than that Great Render !

I’m sorry, I think the grim reaper is a corny and unfortunate addition. I’m also not sure about the hand on the right. Fear of the unknown is much more powerful than fear of a guy in a cloak with a farming tool. The render is nice overall, but I think I’d zoom in a bit on the bridge, as the rocks in the foreground get a bit samey, so to speak.

I saw some of your replies to other threads… not in a very good mood today are we? :wink:
Oh and I see you’re a moderator, please move this thread to the focused critique section (third time lucky?)

Yeah I think I’ll fix that sometime… thanks

more like ‘Bridge of Gloom’.
For the specular effect to really work it’s best to have more prominent breaks in specularity, unless that whole area is slippery. The diffuse of grey of the cracks in and between the rocks would (i think) benefit from being darker in places. The texture on the rocks is most peculiar, is it procedural? The boundary between rocks and misty canyon looks to me too sudden and therefore un-natural. It’s a difficult scene to get right :slight_smile: goodluck

IMO to make the bridge look more “doom” like you should break some boards and remove others all together
another thing would be to add a red lava glow at the bottom(unless it goes against the whole darkness theme you may be attempting to achieve)

p.s. maybe add a skeleton or two