Bridge Test

Well, I figured I would begin making my first full-out scene and have hit my first snag. I had made these lanterns to hang from the posts and made the uv texture and transparency and everything. But now its looking like the maybe alpha channel might not allow real light to pass at all, just color information. Ouch. Well, I’d really like those pretty embellishment-shaped holes my artist friend made for me (most not well shown in this render) to cast some equally pretty embellishment-shaped light spots. The gray plane is for seeing how the light comes through. Is there any good solution to this? Sorry to trouble, but a lot of you guys are real experts and I wanted to see if there was anything obvious I’m missing or even some neat tricks I could do to fix the situation. Its starting to look like I’ll just have to slice holes in the mesh itself and do some real UV map work. Thanks for your help. It would mean a lot to me.


Umm…did you turn on “TraShadow” (in the shaders panel) for the objects recieving the shadows?

Ahh! Yes! That did it! Thank you very much for answering a newb’s question. I will certainly post the full scene once I am done!

This scene looks like it has a lot of potential. You should probably read up abouit lighting or something like that… I like the lamps so far :eyebrowlift2: