Bridge tool

Is there a bridge tool function in Blender?

When you want to fill the gap between the elbow and the hand,
each having say 8 edges,
you can select an edge pair (one on elbow, one on wrist) and use F to make a face.
And continue per face.

While a Bridge tool would let you select the two edge loops.
And then let’s you add the bridge (all faces at once) and gives you the option to make some edge loops in between (like ctl+r does),
and the bridge let you turn the selection (so you determine which edges connects to what counter edge).
This way the forearm can have the little turn it requires for animation (let the edge connect not to the eact opposite edge, but the one or second next to it).

Also does a bridge tool take care of uneven edge loops (in example when a wrist has 8 edges, while the elbow has 7) :cool:

I know other 3d application(s) do have a bridge tool, but I can’t find a similar solution in Blender thus far,…
is something similar available? (If not, this is a must have! :eyebrowlift: )

Enable the Loop Tools addon. This has bridge, Loft and other functions.

Do that :
Close Blender if you have it running
Load Blender, so it load with your default settings.

Now click on File - > User Preferences
In the window that popup, at the top of it click on the Addons tab.

In the left, in the Categories section click on “Mesh”
In the right , click there to enable the “Mesh : Loop Tools” addon

Now on the bottom of the User Preferences window, click on “Save as Default” so this Loop Tools addon will always be enabled each time you’re launching Blender, so you don’t have to enable it each time.

That done, the Loop Tools appear in the Edit Mode, scroll down the left panel (the one that can be hidden/revealed by pressing T)
The Bridge function is there

You can read the Loop Tools documention there :
To see how to work with these extremely usefull function.

edit : looks like i was too slow, insta posted by Richard Marklew

Thank you very much, I’ll try this.
Sounds promising.
Thanks :slight_smile:

[edit: tried and love it! ~ also the inset addon btw. ]

unfortunately, loop tools doesn’t work properly in Bmesh builds. It just add vertices between faces without any edges…

unfortunately, loop tools doesn’t work properly in Bmesh builds. It just add vertices between faces without any edges…
If you are using development builds you should not be expecting tools to works as they would in stable versions. Doesn’t bmesh have a native bridge tool anyway

for sure, till 2.63 you are right. I hope they can fix it or add into “Bridge Two Edges Loops” twist option. Anyway i can’t find alternative for Bmesh subdivision & Bevel and LoopTools Loft & Bridge.

Blender of different versions can co-exist happily, i mean you can use 2.49b , 2.5 , 2.56 , 2.62 in the same time without a problem.
So if 2.63 break all the addons that are usefull to you, there’s no problem in using an older version that had all the addons working.

Additionally, different builds of the same version of Blender can co-exist happily too, as long as you do this so their own saved setting do not create crossover incompatibilites :

Inside your BlenderDirectory\BlenderVersionNumber
(BlenderVersionNumber being the folder named 2.62 in the current release)
Create a new folder and name it exactly " config " , this way your own custom startup settings will be saved inside this folder, not anymore in the shared User Application/Roaming Data thing anymore.

So if you put your Blender directory in C:\ , it will be
C:\BlenderDirectoryName\BlenderVersionNumber\confi g\

For 2.62 it would be by example :

with Bmesh you already have a bridge integrated into 2.62

Ctrl-E and select bridge


2 Sanctuary Thanks, i did no this trick.

2 RickyBlender Nah, it works just in really simple situation. But even in case of two faces Bmesh connects vertices and twists edges in stupid way.

your right
bridge can work in weird ways sometimes

and besmh is still beta so might not work 100 % yet !

but at least now we have one in blender !