Bright/Contrast node brightening transparent elements.

Hey, i’m trying to layer over some blurred stuff (using compositing nodes) but i need to increase the brightness on them. When i use render layers with the sky turned off on the overlayed stuff the brigtness makes the overall image sky brigter upon alpha overlay:

Is there any way to selectively brighten them?


You can try different factor and premultiply values or you might try using mix nodes instead and test the various blend modes and factor settings.

I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do. Maybe you could post a GIMP/Photoshop mock-up of your intended image to compare with your current result.

I’ll give some of that a try. I’m trying to layer those small molecules under the main banner but when I use Bright / Contrast nodes it seems to make my transparency brighter which, when combining with the sky included title node, makes the overall background brighter overall.

If i wanted like a specific shade of grey for the background its really annoying to pull off because the bright/contrast nodes make my layers “brighten” the composite sky.