ok im working on an alarm clock. here it is.

nearlly finished modelling it need coments. oh i know theres no hammer yet. :smiley:


heres my latest (and final?) model and crits before i texture it would be great!

hey man there’s no hammer:) …
I love the face/numbers and hands beautiful, oh is it missing a rear leg?
some nice shaders and a bit more asa or blurrr, I can almost see it jumping around as the alarm goes. :Z :Z :Z

Maybe some of that green phosphorus stuff on the hands that make them glow in the night.

lol the “green” is a product of my yellow light with blue fill light :S.
EDIT: ooopps you ment put some on didnt you.

and it has no rear leg it leans back on the rear of the clock but i can’t get blender to show this in the shadows very well :frowning: any tips? not that it matters cos i did this model to test out yayfray.

I was thinking about how it stands. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was stood on the back of the clock (not on legs). Now that you have confirmed it there is one thing I have noticed.

The clock doesn’t look very thick, (I’m taking about from the front to the back). With the legs being the length they are I’m not sure it would stay up. I see two solutions - 1. make the clock thicker 2. Make the legs shorter.

I hope this helps. If you think I’m wrong on this ignore it. :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good. I’ll keep checking. You should make an animation with it going off. :slight_smile:

yup three-dee your right techniqually it wouldent have fallen over but it wasent thick enough.

i want this pic to be good enough for the gallery!
so all crits extreamly welcome!

see edit at top of page added hammer and made clock wider. still not happy with shadows but ill sort that out later.

all crits welcome i want this to be my best pic ever to go in the gallery

Looks great. Once you add textures and put it in a scene it should look awesome. Might I suggest putting it on a bedside cabinet with other objects relevant to a bedside cabinet.

Good work :smiley:

Wow, very cool!


three-dee we think scarily alike thats exactly what i was gonna do.

and thanks all :slight_smile: