Brillo The Explorer and the Blender's People

Goodmorning people!

Mynew job “Brillo The Explorer and the Blender’s People”.

After the many experiments and insights this year, I was too eager to decide on the two things I love more than anything else, lights and Lowpoly. I tried to keep a “professional” approach as much as possible and by taking all my time I was able to improve which is my current workflow.

Hope you Enjoy and if you want to see the video in HD or other interesting renderings, link in my Behance Page ~
Definitive Render:

Trailer Short:

Any C&c is always welcome and Thanks for watching!!


I really like it. What did you do for the pixel fire effect?

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Ehi! Than you so Much!
They are just two particles. Each of them has a simple “cube” associated with it. The one of the “flame” is a hair that is thicker and “lasts” less, while the other, the sparks, last longer but are smaller !. Ps. I think that in a couple of months I will make a tutorial, very simple, if you are not in a hurry I will add you to my friends, or in any case I feel that you are interested and then I will send you the link :slight_smile:


Sure, that sounds great.
Also, did you render in cycles or eevee?

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Absolutely in EEVEE! I spend all that little, very little time I have experimenting with EEVEE. I’ve always been a huge fan! :slight_smile:

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