Bring back smcman?

So I know this is kinda a long shot, but I would like to bring speed modelling challenges back to the way they were and rebuild smcman. I looked at his code. It’s gnarly… I think making a docker container for a nodejs service that relies on redis as an inflight basis with a file system routed out to imgur or to some other hosting site (because I don’t want it eating up my disk space)
Outline as follows:

  1. Users can start, stop ,cancel as speedtest. “Foo” length:20 at:45 will start a topic foo for 20 minutes at the 45 minute mark of the current hour.
  2. !files would be gone
  3. !upload would create a link to a user list of images they have uploaded (linked to imgur or the like)
  4. (new feature) a user would be able to see a countdown clock of their stuff.
    This is all assuming I
  5. have time
  6. can post to this part of the forum programmatically.
  7. that there’s a spot I can put this once smcman2 is built up - irc again or discord or webchat… what are the cool kids using these days?

… necro … sry not sry

As someone who was always on #smc (IRC) … i miss it too.
Not even Discord has picked it up. :frowning:

If you want to rebuild it, Id say go for it. The issue with the old codebase (and specifically the perl code) is that it simply cannot handle discourse like the way we could work with like vbulletin and phpbb or some less js heavy forum software i do believe the node.js was supposed to be better… but i cannot speak for protocoldoug but life does get in the way some times and these days im working like 6 day weeks most weeks so i have very little days off;
The other issue would be working with Blenderartists team to get proper support which we didnt really get. For me personally my days of IRC is pretty much over and simply dont really have energy and time these days to really give it the full focus it requires. I did want to make SMC its own community free of blenderartist as not everyone uses blender and having our own forum would open it up to the likes of Maya and 3DS Max etc users, though predominantly most of our community used blender but again running a community takes ALOT of energy and time.

I rebuilt the base timer functionality in nodejs last year- it can also connect to discord - so happy path is built. Database can probably just be a sqlite if needed- I was thinking imagur would be useful to store the pics and reference them later, but hey, I’ve always wanted to store 100GB worth of files and scale it :slight_smile:

BlenderArtists moderators expressed distaste for supporting smc two years ago when I asked- especially when I asked about csrf tokens, mainly because they don’t want this website having the remotest of possibilities of going down. So, other than linking manually, I don’t think I will be getting support.

I barely have time to get into Blender these days - quite fast paced for me as well. However, I can probably contribute a little every week and see where it goes.

I guess next step would be to setup a discord with a bot sample to toy around in / make a todo list of what minimal functionality is left before becoming a fully operational bot.