Bring back smcman?

So I know this is kinda a long shot, but I would like to bring speed modelling challenges back to the way they were and rebuild smcman. I looked at his code. It’s gnarly… I think making a docker container for a nodejs service that relies on redis as an inflight basis with a file system routed out to imgur or to some other hosting site (because I don’t want it eating up my disk space)
Outline as follows:

  1. Users can start, stop ,cancel as speedtest. “Foo” length:20 at:45 will start a topic foo for 20 minutes at the 45 minute mark of the current hour.
  2. !files would be gone
  3. !upload would create a link to a user list of images they have uploaded (linked to imgur or the like)
  4. (new feature) a user would be able to see a countdown clock of their stuff.
    This is all assuming I
  5. have time
  6. can post to this part of the forum programmatically.
  7. that there’s a spot I can put this once smcman2 is built up - irc again or discord or webchat… what are the cool kids using these days?