bring the console forward?

say i have a fullscreen game, and i want the user to input information into the console. for convenience, i would like the console to come foreward( in front of everything on the screen) when prompted. is there a way?

i doubt it, just thought id ask.

I don’t think there is, plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get input that way. The console started blender and sort of gave control to it. You need to be getting your input from blender. There are some functions for reading keys, etc.

yeah, what i originally wanted to do was have the user type from blender, but i didnt know how so i just went to the console with raw_input().

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There was an interesting discussion on it a while back here. Cinmays response at the end seemed useful. You could just check for the “enter” key to know when to finish. You’d probably want to print the text on the screen, as it came in, but that wouldn’t be very hard. Check for the backspace and delete the last letter from the text plane and you have a crude editor, as good as raw_input.

yeah i remember a while back i was trying to get backspace to work on my textplane but couldnt :\

thanks for the link

if len(Plane.Text)>0:
    Plane.Text = Plane.Text[0:len(Plane.Text)-1]

There’s a gamekey for backspace, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Not that I’ve done it. I just never had a need for typed input.