Bringing In New Materials questions

What does this mean? I am trying to import some material files I got from a link posted here into my blender, I tried just dragging and dropping after searching for import methods and got a screen that said to apend to the plane provided and had this message.

How do you bring blender material files in?

Append (Shift+F1) the material data block from the blend file with the material you want to import and then the material will be available in the drop down list of available materials


Thank you SO much! I know it’s stupid, but I just started using this, and some of it seems like rocket science. LOL I love the program though. I’ve made props and even sculpted a few rough heads, but textures and importing materials was alluding me. I saw the ‘assign’ line in the options, but didn’t know I needed to click on a material line there to append it to there not the object in the picture.

Here’s a few pictures of some of the things I’ve worked on yesterday and today.

This is one of the heads I did – not perfect, but a lot of fun.

Here’s a horse head I did today

And here’s a picture of a lean-to I created (the color is just plain steel because I couldn’t figure out the materials and colors in blender.

Okay, I still have one more question—please bear with me, I’m trying really. Some of the materials I got from that link repository listed somewhere on this site have multiple files in them. When I shift f1 the material in, the color comes in, but the rest of the “look” of the material does not. I tried to shift f1 to append the texture node the same way you showed above to append the material node but it didn’t work. Is it supposed to be that way that you have to upload all of the components of a color file like that. For instance, I have a “Gold” color that is a glossy, shiny gold piece looking color material. The actual “gold” file includes:


Is that normal?