Bringing meshes in front

How can I bring a mesh in front of the others?

I want it in the same layer to.

I’ve spent over 12 hours on trying to figure this out and it is driving me CRAZY!

Please please help.

Thank You.

Dfraz - not very clear your explanation is.
If you mean to move an object to a different layer:
In object mode. Go to the layer your object is. Select the object - press [M] and select the layer you want the object to be moved. Press [OK].

When I start a new project, I will add a Sphere. Everything is ok, right? I’ll add another for the eye. I will put it on the other sphere and that sphere I just added is behind the other sphere. I need the eyes in front. Not the face.

That’s what I meant.

You add the second sphere to the first sphere in Edit mode or in Object mode?

I’m pretty sure Object mode. And both spheres.
UVSpheres btw

Please, someone. It’s been hours. I need it bad

Sorry for the double post. :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot?
It seems the problem is very complicated.

Sure. It’s attached


What I want is exactly:

A sphere in front of everything. Example: Alright on a face you can see peoples eyes, It isn’t on the back of there head. Well when I add a sphere for the face it’s all good. When I add another sphere for the eye, the eye will be behind the face. Now do you know what I mean, ?

you want to put it in the dead just go side view line it up
then front line it up and top to get them perfect then
make a copy the slide it to the other eye area

you want to put eyes in the head where the two holes
are right?

Not only eyes. Just anything. There should be a “Bring Mesh to front” “Send Mesh to back” you know what I mean?

Have you tried to use those colored arrows (red blue green)?

I can only view images attached by here. Just edit your post and attach um if you wanna.

This isn’t PowerPoint, its a real 3D program! :stuck_out_tongue:
There is no such thing as bring to front and send to back, because this is not 2D. Press the MMB and see for yourself. To move the “eyes” as you call them, press G and constrain to an axis with X, Y, Z, XX, YY, or ZZ.

This might be of use to you:

I meant the arrows in your images.
Try to select a sphere and drag the arrows with the mouse.

It sounds like your 3D cursor is not where it should be when you add an object. Objects are added where the 3D cursor is located. Just right click* to move the cursor or pull up view properties to position it with more precision.


  • Depends on whether or not you have reversed your mouse buttons in user preferences.

Hope this helps…


Thanks guys. +REP!

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You’re wellcome Dfraz!
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This is the Blender manual:
You can find almost everything for this program there!

okay the red green and blue are the AXY’s dude click hold of them with the mouse to move them toward or away from the mesh also this layering idea you have of front and back do not exist this is a 3d infinity of space ha ha anyway please make sure you go into edit mode to model the eye sockets and place the eye ball in the eye sockets if you want a nose or mouth modekl it dont place it in fron or back etc

your game desinging idea is more like a birds eye view
where you place a 2d object and play it in 3d
which is not normaly done in blender you model
it you see it develop in 3d try it …

Watch some youtube tuts and vid dude lol!
or just press random shit click everything thats
how i learnt haha

@Syz, lol thanks :smiley: