Bringing Particles to the Game Engine with OpenCL

Hey folks,

I’m working on a project to bring particles to the BGE, using OpenCL. I’ve just passed a milestone and I think it might be a good idea to get some early community feedback. Keep in mind this is nowhere near usable, but you guys probably know what you want to see so you can help me focus my energy wisely!

I took a short screenflow:

and you can read more details about it on my blog:

Support for particles that leave trails (sparks) and ones effected by gravity that bounce (shrapnel) as well as varying sizes (Smoke) would be cool. It would be nice if you could tie the setup into the BGE as neatly as possible.

frikkin awesome!

Best particles i have seen

very nice work, congratulations!

I´m glad that someone finally decided to integrate particles engine into BGE, many times thank you.

It would be great if I could set material to theese particles. And instead of making it custom modifier you could make a “particles” button in the properties panel. And maybe some logic brick/python function to start/stop emiting particles

unwanted double post (connection problems :confused: ).

You are aware that there’s a menu at the top where you can switch “Blender render” to “Blender game”, so I would assume that any BGE particle specific stuff in the interface and maybe the modifier would only show up when you have it set to “Blender game” so it’s there with all the other BGE options.

I see the UI is a pretty big deal :slight_smile: As functionality improves I’ll make sure to pay careful attention to integrating intuitively with the UI! The modifier thing is really a hack for now so I could jump into functionality, the goal is definitely a game specific particle button.

So far gravity, collision and smoke are high on the list!

Neat work.

Because you are using opencl are you using the GPU to calculate?

Great stuff.

Freakin awesome particles!!! the last one especially

Awesome job, I just wish to do not having to set up two different particle systems (the blender’s internal and the one from the BGE), so they should share parameters, so once you are OK with the simulation in the viewport then should run exactly the same in the BGE without having to tweak or change parameters.

nice work.

Very nice! Can’t wait to be able to use the color of texture/video as the color of the particles emitted :slight_smile:

so I’ve got an update guys and gals :smiley:

since i’m still working on getting things to work, UI will have to wait a little bit. I do eventually want to make my additions compatible with the non-GE particles (and possibly speed them up!) but thats a little ways down the line.

Good enjalot! I ll be waiting to see that working on game engine !!

hey all,
I’ve got a new update! Our SPH code is now working in blender, I made a blog post and video: (BA wont let me post a link to the actual blog post)

so you can see whats coming up :slight_smile:
Up next: forcefields and collisions!

Wow, first Dfelinto adds more advanced text support for the BGE, then Gomer submits a patch to add some nice functionality relating to the mouse through Logic Bricks (see the patch tracker), now we have realtime particle fluids in a functional state within the BGE.

Those of us who have used or is using the BGE are getting some nice early Christmas presents this year, I can hardly wait to see all of the new stuff brought in (including the stuff in Nick’s, NexYon’s, and Moguri’s GSoC branches), right after 2.6 stable is released.

I am very elated as to just how far the BGE has gone since it was initially fixed up in 2.46, after 2.6 stable is released the BGE will become the best quality game engine in the world of Open Source (and don’t forget the BPPlayer being developed allowing BGE games to be sold commercially.)