Bringing up old threads

Why is it a rule not to reply to old threads? It really annoys me. I’ve never ‘brought up a dead thread’ from what i remember, but i often see other people accused of this and reprimanded by some jerk.

I would criticize the reasons why it is considered bad forum etiquette, but there are no good reasons! Appears to just be some obnoxious showing of forum seniority to me. People who have frequented the forums for a while know its a trendy little rule people have adopted, so they dont reply to “old” forums. New members wondering if an artist has updated a piece of work after a while, on the other hand, will innocently make a post asking.

Get over it! The thread now shows up near the top of the list for a while. So what? Look at the original post date. If its good enough that people are posting and asking questions, then it deserves to be bumped up to the top just as much as mediocre projects that are current and people are posting and talking about.

If people talk about an amazing image or game, posting about once a day for several months, its cool. But if people start talking about an equally amazing piece of work a few months after the last person posted, oh my!! How rude!

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It’s a rule because the information or discussion is often not relevant anymore.

For artworks it’s one thing. For technical questions it’s another. Bumping an old question is confusing for everyone, especially as old threads may include obsolete references. That’s why it’s much better to create a new thread that references the old one. It’s just less confusing that way.

if were not talking about the games forum, yes.

You can just PM the author if you want to…

I’ve brought up my old Christmas thread . . . once. And plan to do so again this time around. If I’m still around.

Like this?

Meh heh heh

post 29, sorry minifig =]

Right, so an old thread gets bumped:

  1. They’ve bumped old news. That thread is accessable by everyone who wants to read it, but people don’t want to constantly see the same thread pop up every month.
  2. The amount of old threads far surpass those that are ‘active’ If everyone bumped a dead thread that they found and thought was ‘cool’ or for what ever reason, then the front pages just become a cluttered mess… Pushing good threads out of sight.
  3. Most bumped threads die pretty quick often having only the bumper posting in it (i.e. recently)… As clearly proved by the lack of interest… No one cares about that thread.
  4. Certain threads are popular. As with ‘content’ threads, i.e. artwork, games and the like, bumping it, like said above kills newer threads off… All that would happen is the artwork threads would be fully of @ndy’s artwork with members bumping going “OMG!!1111 coooll dwed!”

Therefore it is common pratice, and rather common sense to try not to bump old threads. of course there are exceptions but I doubt nothing you are claiming.

funnily enough your thread is rather hypocritical… I mean, you’re saying you get annoyed when people complain about people bumping, as if what you’re doing is any differernt to them, expressing their hate to people bumping.

The difference is,anti-bumping has more pratical reason that tho pro-bumping.

Okay, Everyone’s made some good points

that doesnt make sense

I saw a thread a day or two ago from '06 that someone bumped to let the author know that the links were broken.

I mean, come on…

Yeah, like, duh.

haha… remember people, this forum’s been around awhile. I’d think most rules are tried and tested, and exist for our benefit.

I agree with lukus, it is hypocritical to complain about ppl complaining :wink: but hey, who cares. It’s a good thing to discuss every now and then.

personally, with a very active wip that I post updates to every day, it would be frustrating if I didn’t get the crits I need because my thread was pushed to page 2 by tons of years-old threads before anyone noticed it was updated.

post 28 revived it, and it just bothered me a little…

The interesting thing is, where do they find these old threads anyway. You have to actually look for them, it’s not like they are on the first page of the forum.

Most likely from searching.
That’s how I usually find some. (but I don’t post if I realize it’s old;))

I think some ppl probably do it accidentally. Search, think its current, post… then realise when it’s too late. I know the coding on BA is pretty much finished and fairly final, but perhaps a warning could pop up if a thread hasn’t been posted to in say, six months? just for those of us who forget to check the date. :wink:

not that the designers should have to go to that much trouble, when we users should simply take responsibility to check the date before posting.

I agree with Virtus. Its a kinda stupid rule. But then again, who cares? Its easy to start a new thread. (:

oh and [email protected]:

Great idea! It would certainly make life easire for moderators.

I prefer the automatic lock script for threads that havnt been posted in for X days.

That means deadthreads stay dead, but the content is still there for people to see.

Blenderartists has something like that, but it’s a matter of years, not days.:wink:

I personally think it’s O.K. to post on an old thread when when the subject is appropriate. It beets starting a new one and creating redundantcy.