Brooklyn Spaceship 2.0

Created earlier in lockdown, this is second piece in my series of airborne NYC buildings. This is probably the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted in blender to date. It was also my first time using Embergen to create smoke simulations.


A few people on the internet asked me how I went about create the shot. I just published a little

AO Pass:



I had seen a similar technique from Ian Hubert but i did not expect it to look this good! Great job :slight_smile:

I am curious about how you made the sky, the atmosphere of the scene. Did you use a principled volume? It looks so good!

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Sky was simply an HDRI ( and a large haze volume (just an emission node with low strength plugged into the volume socket

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Great work, congrats.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!