brothers working on self portriat

my brother (jordank on this forum) and I started working on a model of my head last night. It’s turning out a lot better than I had hoped, so as we’re wrapping up for the night we decided to post. We’re kind of doing it as a tag-teem thing. I think the ears are the best example. I started the ears and worked on them untill I went cross eyed. Then I called my brother over and told him it was his turn. We both ofered sugestions while the other was working. I think the result is quite nice and better than either of us could have done by our selves.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress.
Tell us what you think!

Yeah, those ears are so good I am having a hard time believing I actually helped make them. I am really impressing myself with this one! We are both having alot of fun!

Great face, and especially like the ears! Cool! And that’d be cool too, a brother you can blend with… I want one too :smiley:

Well, I already have a brother, but he’s kinda seven so :wink:

In the last one with the reference pic… in the head on view the eye is a little bit lower in the model than on ur face… and your ears are OOOK… jp the ears are great… nice work on teh model tho… GL!

the front reference pic is a little different from the side one, so we translated up and down for the modeling of different features. we just for got to make it pretty for the post. About the ears; we are impressed too :wink:

It is coming along well, but it could be improved by more edge-looping. Looking at the wireframe pics it looks like a grid was placed infront of the mesh and the vertices just pushed back. If you look at the lines around the eye you can see they go around the bottom of the eye then back along to the ear. That row, for example, should go around the whole eye. Basically there should be a series of concentric ‘circles’ around it and the mouth etc. Essentially just having the lines flow along with the lines of the face.

Close of day 3 on our little project. Not a whole lot of progress as far as new material, just driving myself crazy with a lot of tweeking. I think the nose and mouth got the most attention, although I’m not satisfied quite with it yet. Especialy the corners of the mouth. I think I fixed the edge-looping around the eye. Thanks for pointing it out =KH=Lupus.
The top of the head seems too wide in comparison to the jaw area, but I’m not sure which one to change. since the refrence picture is obviously perspective and the view I’m modeling from is orthographic I’m leaning towards widening the jaw.

I’m probably not going to work on this over the weekend, so any updates during the next 2 days will most likely be made by my brother, I will check this thred for responses though :slight_smile:

I hope you guys know about mirroring…(m-key in edit mode) cause from your wire frame looks like your doing both side manually could save you alot of trouble(unless you want to do it that way for any irregulalities in the head)

we are mirroring, just we are mirroring one fearure at a time, so we can tweek it to match both sides of the reference pic.