Browser Game ! ( Need help )

I want to make a 3D game using Blender that can be played using a browser ! I prefer HTML 5 and not Flash.I need peoples who can help me to export the game from Blender to HTML 5.Genre : Racing Game

First you need to do some research.
Find a game engine that uses HTML5. Things like ImpactJS, Quitntus etc. I haven’t tried any, so you’ll have to experiment.
Then find out what model format they use, and find an exporter from blender to that.
Then you have to code it. HTML5 Game Engines tend to use Javascript.

Have fun!

Thanks a lot !

I did some research on this and I have to say that most HTML5 engines render 3D through WebGL, which is not widely accepted for security reasons. According to this it’s only Chrome that fully supports it for now. This narrows down the list of supported browsers.
A couple of variants: a nice one this one, seemingly, doesn’t use WebGL, which could be a way to go.
Unity can also be a good alternative (and waay more powerful).
Burster is a plugin-based engine, designed specifically for Blender
And there is still Flash, which is pretty mature in this aspect. There are good open-source engines
and AS3 IDE’s, e.g. FlashDevelop

Thanks a ton !