Bruce Wayne Stylized Realistic Portrait


(islara1) #21

yeah of course, freelancing is big problem you do the job for a client and he never respond to you again, for exemple i completed this rig two days ago and the client is no longer responding even it was high quality rig :
nothing to do, i think i’m gonna ask half in advance the next time.

(özgür) #22

Great work, congrats.

(BigBlend) #23

Sometimes it’s better to sell the models on 3dsquid and such places. Than letting it fall down the drain.

(islara1) #24

that’s exactly what i thought about :point_left:

(青木) #25

thats pretty good.


first time I see a not-so-struggled-in-life batman.
stunnnig and great work. I’m really not a Batman-Fan, but i would definetly see a film with your pretty guy^^
(And i think he has not a Babyface, because he is not in his 40s or mid 40s, like normally every Actor who pplayed batman XD.) I like your Interpretation. something fresh, that’s nice :wink: