hi i made changes on this character again because i added subsurface but in doing so i realized my rig has some im at it are the pics below.Blender internal render.


Wow, that’s a nice character! I would love to see the rig for it.

AMAZING! This is a great character

agreed, would love to see more of that rig, and well, the whole character. This is some clean stuff.

His legs and feet are too big. :smiley:

p.s. you are now my hero.

I´ve seen this already here, in Pinoy Blender User, and I already say, awesome, please make an animation with this guy…front page now…!!!

awesome !!
I wanted to ask if the details are sculpting inside the model or if they depend from a normal map.

@monsterkodi: thank you sir. i will be making a screencast tutorial on this one maybe weeks from now because i keep forgetting how i did it :slight_smile:

@Jedingfield: im happy you like it :slight_smile:

@FreakyDude: id be submitting a tutorial on this one soon sir.

@3dmentia: hahahahha.i dont think legs and feet are too big. i think body is too small.hahahha :slight_smile:

@andrepazleal: animation is in the works. i just need to fix the normal maps and the facial rig

@marcolorenz: the details were sculpted in zbrush sir.

The shorts don’t conform to his pose or even hug his body…