brushed chrome?

Hi. Like the title suggests, I have a question about brushed chrome: how can it be done!? In case you dont know, here is an image of a lighter made with brushed chrome:

I have been trying for three days now, with little success. Any suggestions?


Blender doesn’t yet have an anisotropic shader, which helps for making brushed metal, but at least for now, you can kinda fake it by using a streaky looking bump map.

Thank you! I think this is exactly what I am looking for.


Another way you can create a brushed metal look is to use a texture. An easy way to do it is to go into Photoshop (or the GIMP), create some grayscale noise, and then motion blur it heavily in one direction. That does the trick.

I tried thst, Metsys, but I had trouble mapping it to my object. Thanks, though.


map a cloud texture to your object and scale it along one axis (X or Y) by 10 to 50 (depends on the dimensions of your geometry). let it affect spec, hard and nor.

this worked very well for me, i needed brushed metal yesterday for a logo.


Brilliant! Thank you. I just turned out to need one as well.