Brushed metal in Cycles?

Hey guys.

Currently I’m trying to set up a scene showing the Yamaha R-S500 Stereo Receiver. Modeling is nearly done (I guess), so now I’m going for the materials. The point is that I absolutely don’t have a clue on how to achieve a brushed metal effect in cycles as I’m not very familiar with all these nodes. :frowning:
Help is really appreciated! Thank you all.


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Maybe this will help

Take a look at the anisotropic shader node. I think there was a tutorial I seen here recently about a kitchen render that showed some tips on it too.

Thanks for the answers guys…

gexwing, I tried your method, but my result looks ugly :stuck_out_tongue: :

Looks more like drawn with a pencil rather than metal…

Thanks for your tip, but unfortunately your node set-up looks more like a glossy shader?!
I better just try to tweak my results I achieved with gexwing’s shader…
Anyway, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


In Andrew Price’s BlenderGuru tutorial he says he used an image he UV mapped to get the additional grain.
I want to achieve this procedurally. What is the best way to achieve a radial blur of noise?

In one version I made the radial direction is wrong (pinched toward the center instead of spinning around it).
In another it was radial but only based on height data. So a cylinder with a flat top was not spun, but a monkey head was.

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