Bryan Tenorio - Sketchbook

I’ve been away from blender for a while, but I’m back and trying to get rid of all the rust.

Some work I did for an unreleased Zombie game In Unity


Here is another unreleased game in Unity. Pirate Pets.


Fast forward to today. I modeled a Truck, but needed a scene to put it in, so I did the desert tutorial from Blenderguru’s Nature Academy. The truck is a 2009 Mazda B2300

Here is some sculpting practice. I used dynamic topology. For not really doing much sculpting before, I think it turned out alright. I see some problems though.

I want to try doing an hour of sculpting a day, and see how that plays out.

I’m hoping that I can keep up with it, and not slack. Hopefully posting them online will help me to stay motivated

Here is today’s

. Illpost as often as I can.I’m using my phone for internet, so typing and navigating webpages is a bit clunky.

I did this one in about 30 minutes.

I’ve have’t done animation in a on a long time. I’m trying to get back into it. This is simple, but it was good practice. I did this in about 4 hours

I’m working on a series of political videos in a more 2D style using blender. So I did a few tests to see how it looks, and what frame rate I should use. I like 12FPS because it looks more hand drawn. 24 (and even 30) looks too CG for me.

Flag with 12FPS

Flag with 24 FPS

Sign Wave Test

I was working on a video on the first Amendment of the Bill of Rights, but my narration is making me cringe. So here is just some of the animation for it.

One more just for fun.

Here is a cartoonish girl I’m working on. This is what I have so far

I retopoed my mesh (It was a sculpt.) I find that doing so, doesn’t get your retopo exactly the same shape as your sculpt. Because once you add the subsurf modifier, your mesh shrinks a little bit. I inflated some things in my retopo to try to get the shapes right. I think I did a good job.

Next is to add shape keys, and hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday I can have her talking.

For some reason, I like the shading in the view port better than when I render it. It must be my lighting that could use some work.

Nice, Brian! Eyes could probably use a little glossiness, but otherwise, I like it. (I haven’t done any character texturing, so I don’t know where it would need to be added. Just seems to me as if there isn’t enough reflection in it.)

This last cartoon girl looks great. I can see her as a lead character in an animation. She seems very likeable! Great job!

Dude! Your animation technique is awesome! I loved your little vids; even your cube had character!

Looking forward to cartoon girl.

gradyp, I see what you mean about the eyes. They are reflective, but it seems the angle is not a good one for for reflections. I have an HDR image casting lighting and reflections, but it is looking at a dark spot. I changed my area light to a mesh light, and now she has that reflected in her eye.

Shakedown, Thank you. She’s turning out much better than I expected. I was just doodling around, and thought this girl looked good, so I decided to sculpt her.

I strayed a bit from the concept by making her features more rounded. I kept the big eyes and lips though.

DorienVincent, Thank you. My friend said to make a box move, so that’s what I did. Really That’s exactly what happened. haha

Here is a render test of my shape keys. If you uncheck “relative” and scroll the “evaluation time” it goes through all of your shape keys. I thought it looked cool, so I wanted to render it out to get an idea of how they will morph into eachother for when I get her talking. I still need to add bones for her head/ hair, as well as put drivers to move the shape keys. I’m hoping that when I get to making her body, all this work doesn’t have to be repeated. If I do have to do it all again, it should at least be better the second time.

ROFL Love that expression right at the 3 second mark! :smiley:

Great stuff… I especailly like what your working on with the 1st amendment stuff…
always a good idea to story board and and previs before you animate…