bSlender (a tribute to the original game by Parsec Prod. / horror)

bSlender (Blender-Slender) is a tribute to the original game by Parsec Productions featuring an advanced storyline, multiplayer mode and a larger and more detailed forest environment.

What I don’t like about Slender is the missing story behind it. I’d rather have a ‘what happened before’ video or something like that. Anything preparing you for the game itself, making you a little bit scared already. In this case, I’m going to create kind of a comic of the story:

The protagonist is a little girl/boy that went camping with it’s parents. The child was going to collect branches and logs for the campfire, when suddenly the darkness came. The parent he/she was gone with has somehow disappeared, letting the child alone. Now on it’s own, it starts to explore the forest. When it discovers a cemetery, the child finds a note with scribblings on it. It’s only a part of a bigger sheet which another child left here. It warns you about a strange creature and wants to help you a way out. But you’ll need to find more pages to find out.
More Screenshots

Now I need your help. The game runs 60 fps, even in fullscreen with 720p. However, sometimes there are frame skips and the game feels sluggish.
What can be done to prevent those issues?
The problem is that the environment is going to be kind of big. The bigger it becomes, the more frame skips appear.

There isn’t enough info to really give you good in-depth help.

One thing I would do is make the trees no-collision, and make am invisible cube(match the bottom 4 vertcies to the base of the tree and the top 4 to 2 BU(2 meters) up the tree) for its collision bounds. Parent the cube to the tree. Make it a group and move it to a seperate layer and just add the group to the first layer. Simplifying collision bounds would help a lot.

Oh, and sorting alpha is an engine eater.

Like cam.dudes said, there’s not enough info. There could be several things that could slow down your game. Physics, logic usage, script errors, rasterizer usage - these can all slow your game down. I would recommend enabling game profiling and looking to see where the biggest slowdowns occur, and then proceeding from there.

The profiler is active in the top screen, and it shows the largest slowdown in Rasterizer. Read this article to see how you can read the profiler and speed things up:

Also, it helps (sometimes a lot) to use optimized builds of Blender when making games. You can try looking on for optimized builds. What OS are you running?

Thanks for your help so far.
I’m running Mac OS X. I’m going to try some optimized builds. Perhaps the Swiss Cheese one :smiley:

Oh, make it impossible to win, like the original.

It will be possible to win as you collect the pages to get an instruction to flee out of the forest to return to your family. However, this is going to be hard.

Here’s a video:
link to indiedb

I want to see more (which is a good thing :wink: )!