BSP texture shading

(Lucas15) #1

How can I make such textures with animal(usually humanoid)fur and/or even road…etc. is it texture baking or just bsp real-time rendering named raytracing if I want to render some 3d model for instance?It’s just random example.Is it just colours negative in adobe photoshop it’s looking like ultra violets.

I mean what’s the name of colour experiments with textures.

(Lucas15) #2

How to describe it professionally this texture shading process?So I will be able to practice some YouTube tutorials and some biography informations from Wikipedia so I’ll be able to read some books.

(RickyBlender) #3

this is a normal map which can be done in blender or other soft !

happy bl

(Lucas15) #4

Texture mapping? Anyway sorry for causing trouble.So I can do it for instance in Adobe Photoshop?