Hello !
A light work on bubbles :slight_smile:

is this in cycles
and how did you do it ?

looking goo
i like the bubbles refractions and reflections


Nice work. I would suggest distorting the bubbles. They’re never perfect spheres.

Thank you !
I’ve distorted it a little bit, but you’re right, it’s not enough

Hello !
excuse but I’m not very good in english. I didn’t understand your question about “cycles” ?

“Cycles” est le nouveau rendent l’engine dans Blender.


In english:

“Cycles” is the new render engine in Blender.

My French is terrible, I did that through a translator


In French:

Mon Français est terrible, j’a fait cela par un traducteur.

no problemo my friend!

peut tu expliquer comment t’as modelise les bulles et montre le node set up pour Cycles


Okaaaaaay !
Ive Just used the blender render (i dont Know the cycles render) With an ambient occlusion. The background is made with a world texture based on a defocus picture. I will make some screenshots of my work under blender this weekend.
Otherwise, what is this new renderer called Cycles ?
Merci a tous and long life to the Blender people :slight_smile:

The bubbles was made whith some icosaedre lightly deformed whith a noise distort.
Ive used a simple defocused node (i will make some screenshot later )

A bientot !

well cycles is a new renderer high res much more photorealist in blender
but you need to define new mat in cycles

but i give very nice render more like yafaray or lux

follow the different threads in WIP forum there are many examples for this


Nice ! I will try this render engine immediately !

The bubbles look really thick, almost like floating glass balls. Maybe crank up the fresnel and blend a little more?

Okay !
Now I understand the questions about the Node editor. Sorry guys, I didn’t use Cycle Render :slight_smile:
But I made a little test with this new render engine, and i was really amazed by the result.
Let’s get Cycle !

I will see what I can do to attenuate this glass effect. But, may be Jeffiek have the solution. May be the problem come from the perfection of the spheres.
I will make some test on the fresnel and the modeling.
Thank’s for your advice !

Hello, here’s a new test whith more distort on bublles and some light procedural bump

A new version with more blue color blending and less Fresnel blend reflection… and a second light. Hop !

Your last render has definitely improved. Keep it up.

ThanX’ !
I’ve made a little modification on the Big Bubble and I have some trouble with the bottom right defocus bubble (the border of the blurred one is aliased and not blurred). If someone have the solution…