Bubbles Fish Character

An unfinished character I may use in a short film project Im working on…

Rigged in a rush… it has defects everywhere but looks nice and expressive… mouth is unfinished too

Also made to test Blender´s new texture paint features…


You can also see a short animation test here:

The edges of his mouth look paper thin, give them some thickness. Otherwise he looks quite good.

What LOTRJ said.

Also: Wow, was that painted in blender?

yes im still workin in the mouth… it never was my strong point… i was planning to make the inner mouth later and the stich it to the character…
thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

@BlackBoe… yeah new painting features are great… i started with an already made textures… but the stripes on the skin and the wrinkles on the eyes and more are Blender

I think in the animation the fish looks flimsy when the water messes up the camera. I hope that made sense. but other than that it looks good.:smiley:

I was trying to get a cheap water effect … renders very fast but its far for perfect… need to do more tests :slight_smile:

Wow, that is awesome! Love the fish and animation!!
I’ll have to take a look at the painting in blender… Didn’t know you could.

thanks :slight_smile:
About the texture paint… i dont know if this is still an issue but i my system I have to turn off mipmaps to have a decent speed while painting… maybe this is fixed in current CVS

really nice style, with your atmosphere creasting skills and use of colour etc you’ll make a wonderful short i’m sure!

Cheers for sharing =)

Peace out!

Thanks… hope not dissapoint with the end result :wink: I mean… is someone from the orange project speaking … :slight_smile: