Buck Rogers in the 25th century [update 29.7.2008 p.2 Fighter]

I updated this a bit. I’ve done the space fighter I’m gonna use in this, so head to page 2.


There’s a new pic in the page 2. So head there.

New pics are in the page 2, so head there thanks.:smiley:


I was flipping through my comics collection on the another day and stumpled upon this old comic book version of that '79 version of Buck Rogers movie.
The cover was rather nice, so I decided that I’d do a somesort of a 3d conversion out of it.

I started whit Buck, roughly modelled after Gil Gerard, but you’d never quess whitout someone telling…

After I get bucky boy finished I’ll start whit Wilma, whom I’m, at least I’ll try, modeling after Ering Gray.

Textures need a bit of work still, I need to redo his eye textures, as the present one is just more of a placeholder.

There was a movie and a comics series?
Man, gotta check this out.
All I remember was this kick ass TV series.
Girls with curly hair and 70’s outfits and bots that go “biediebiedie”.
Not sure this looks like him though.
I think the face is a bit small, especially to the sides of the eyes.
But if you’re coming from a comic book this may be what you’re after.
You could give the textures more of a comic feel then.

You’re right about the likeness: it’s very minimal. I should widen and rounder the face up a bit.

Buck Rogers was probably my favourite sci-fi flick when I was a kid. I liked it more than I liked Star Wars, though I’m not saying I hated that series either.

The scene which I’m gonna do in 3D
I did a quick google, but cuoldn’t find bigger pic, but that should give you some idea where I’m heading whit this.

Harump. Children these days… :wink: (just kidding)

The original Buck Rogers story appeared in Amazing Stories in August 1928. Later in 1929 it became a long-running comic strip in the newspapers. A movie serial appeared in 1939, starring Buster Crabbe. The first TV series appeared in 1950.

It wasn’t until 1979 that the TV series appered with Gil Gerard and Erin Gray.


Here’s a reference pic of ol Buck.

This is an interesting world to model in. You’ve got people, bots, weapons and spaceships to model.


Here’s a small update on Buck’s face. I widened and rounded it up a bit.

Here’s an update of this little project:

As you see I’ve started whit the jumpsuit and the belt and the props that go whit it: holster and that thingie, the one that looks like old casette walkman, which I don’t know what the heck it is, but there it was, so I modeled it.

As you might notice I haven’t done the hands yet.

Those same, plus some extra props are going to be on Wilma too.

nice model, dude. don’t forget the eyebrows.

Thanks modron.
Don’t worry, pair of brows are coming up, but I need to get his hair in order first :wink:

That first full face image looks a little odd - the cheeks look as if he is smiling, but his lips are straight and eyes not smiling. Could be a facial anomaly but it might make him a little creepy if left as is.

I look forward to seeing the finished (?) render(s)

3Distracted: His face, including his lips, will have different expression in the final render. The final face will be somewhere along tough smirk.

And a small update: the blaster pistol. It actually isn’t the same gun as the comic book cover has, as this one is, I believe, modelled after the actual movie pistol, which was slightly different from the cover one.

And yes, there isn’t a barrel hole on the original gun either, just that light colored “energy cone”.

Another update: This time our space hero has received a new pair of hands.

I seem to speak to air at this moment, but none the less, here’s an update. After some tiring tweaking among the particle guides I finally have managed to get Buck a decent hair do, at least I think so.

This is the basic cut he’ll be having in the final render, but feel free to commet.

Time for another update: Buck got some bones in him. Below you’ll find an attachment whit couple of poses. The weights need to be adjusted from the shoulder area at least, but overall my simple little rig seems to work reasonably well.

lookin nice! nothing i can see bad about it,but then again, im a noob at this just now…

Thanks Tigger, you stopped my self babbling. :smiley:

But anyways, a update:

I started on Wilma. As you can see I’ve started the hair do as well and the suit will be the same as Buck’s, but she’ll have breast naturally and couple of insignias on her right arm and on her chest.

So, if you want to comment do it.

The Buck model looks good, but I think his head should be a little wider. The ridges on his cheeks seem to defined, too. Other than that, great model.

Time for another update ladies and gents:

I’ve been working whit Wilma. She has some extra props that Buck doesn’t have. Those would be the golden pin, arma patch and that extra thing on her other arm. Other than that the equipment is pretty much the same.

Another small update: I’ve done simple rig for Wilma. I doubt I’ll be going much further as her pose will be a lot simpler than Buck’s. My next target will be Twiki and Dr. Theopolis.

A couple of crits on Wilma:

  1. Her legs are too masculiine. Her thighs are too bulky and so are her calves. Unless she is an Olympic speed skater…
  2. Her torso is also masculine. Her shoulders are too broad and her hips are too narrow. Female physiology usually flows with broader hips and narrower shoulders than male (for humans…).

That said, the actual modelling is excellent! I love the texture of the pants and great detail on the pin. Looking forward to where this wip takes you…