Buddhist monk on the mountains

A weekend project I did with my friend Ilari. We went after a moody scene this time and built the idea around a rainy still day on the mountains.

Ilari did the sculpting for the character with dynamic topology and procedural textures.

We tried using microdisplacement and some adaptive subdivision for the cave and rocks. Used Graswald for the mosses. rain was a simulation of glass shader drops and the puddles reactions were a particle system of handmodeled “waves” etc. We used Cycles.

Comments and feedback appreciated!


Good work and the mood is right, though I would keep his ass far off the water…

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Fantastic piece of work. The only thing that doesn’t “fool” me in terms of realism is the fabric of the monk’s cloth. It doesn’t look wet. It’s more like clay or something. Other than that, it’s an awsome piece of CG work!


sweet image! nice mood and lighting. As noted earlier, for me the fabric doesnt work well. Also it seems the SSS near the ears is a bit weird. I think the SSS color is to pale, needs more red.

The waterdrops could should motion blur, but perhaps its a fast shutter speed :wink:

PS is that background also 3d or is it a backplate?

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Thanks for the feedback!

The scene is lit using an hdri and the same one acts as the sky, but the mountains are 3D blender stuff and a bunch of pictures of trees. :smile:

The waterdrops in the air are well motion blurred and the ones hitting water I tried to blur as well, but maybe didnt go for a fast enough motion. I’m not sure if the white dots in the air are fireflies or what, but couldnt get rid of them…

Yes! Highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Heh, cool. Looks very nice. Love the framing. In fact I’m working on something kinda similar (scene compo, I can’t model), but the concept is far enough apart that it shouldn’t be plagianism.

That was exactly why i wasnt sure the motion blur was working properly. i cant help or give advise, i dont use Cycles as renderer.

Did you check also one without motion blur. Perhpas its a reflection, though i would think if motion blur worked properly you would see a white line. I see those white dots or reflections also on the drops on the monik. So perhaps its a light source being reflected. Looking at the walking stick, the angle does seem some sort of the same. There is a very bright source to the right or back right.

Is the motion blur done in post using vector blur perhaps?

Jeez, you’re good.