Bug? Character missing legs and arms in pose mode / Blender 2.79, Rigify 0.5


I have created, rigged and animated a (very simplistic) humanoid character using Blender 2.78c and Rigify 0.4 on Mac OSX. When I recently updated to Blender 2.79 (which comes with Rigify 0.5), I noticed that my arms and legs are missing (in pose mode and in object mode; not in edit mode), and all character animations are moving the bones in directions they are not supposed to move. Opening the (very same) human.blend file in blender 2.78c still yields the correct results - the whole character is shown i pose mode, and the animations do what they are supposed to do (so the .blend file seems to be ok). So to me it seems to be some kind of compatibility problem - does anyone know what I could do to fix it? I have tried exporting it into different formats and re-importing them, but if I do it this way the resulting character and animations are (naturally) not the same they were before. Also, (de)activating Rigify’s legacy mode does not help. I have also looked for bug reports, but found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some images to illustrate the problem:

Blender 2.78c, Rigify 0.4, pose mode (works):


Blender 2.79, Rigify 0.5, pose mode (doesn’t work):


Blender 2.79, Rigify 0.5, edit mode (shows the same as in 2.78c):


In release notes. You many need to simply rerig it.

Did you enable Autorun Python scripts when you updated? You should not need to rerig it.

That was it, thanks a lot, DanPro!