Bug in Bevek-center Blender2.41

Hi all
When i use bvel-center i get this message in the console

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
File “<string>”, line 181
ind2 = min(((newV[i][1].co-newV[i-1][0].co).length, i) for i in enumV)[1]

"for " is pointed

Is it a bug?Has anyone else noticed this ?

Iuse blender2.41 versus Python2.3 under linux

I believe that’s a generator expression: a new language feature of Python 2.4. So get yourself 2.4! :slight_smile:

Oops i mean bevel-center of course :expressionless:

So get yourself 2.4

May be , but i’ve loaded " Linux i386 2.3.2, dynamic, Python 2.3 " and i wish to know if bevel center does not work with Py2.3 or if the script is bugged :frowning:

I get the same exact error on the same exact line, running Blender 2.41 and Python 2.3.

Can someone answer once and for all if this script requires Pythn 2.4 or if it should run on 2.3?

Well, I got it working. Installed Python 2.4 and the Python 2.4 version of Blender 2.41 and the script now works.

I still wish it was clearer as to what does and does not run before you download the software.