Bug in orthographic camera mode?


I made my camera following an Cube. I tried two methods: parenting and scripting. In both cases, view zooms in/out, when Camera is moving with cube…
Rendering or 3D window work properly - the scale doesn’t change. Is that a bug in GE or I can solve it some way?

Here is the blend (2.42a)

I don’t know what you are trying to do here exactly, but your overcomplicating it.

You don’t need a script to have the camera follow the cube. A simple parenting will do.

The reason that the scale changes is because your camera moves forward and backward, and the chess board is slanted, so naturally when the camera gets closer the chessboard appears larger, and vice-versa for when it moves away.

Now, If you are reffering to the initial small shift in perspective after you start game, you can fix that by adjusting the Lens value of the camera (select the camera, press [F9]), by default it should be 35, but you can change it until you become happy with the results.

Dude your qoute is from yourself? Dont you have someone to look up to or something?

Yes, yes it is. I felt it was better than quoting some dead guy, and claiming his values as my own (which seems to be all the craze today).

Also, I am that arrogant.

in this example - parenting is OK. I made script for future, for steering like in old jRPGs (or RPGmaker)

The reason that the scale changes is because your camera moves forward and backward,

this is ortho rendering - zooming should be independent from camera postion. try moving Camera in 3D Window and then render

thx for reply

Did you tinker with the camera lens setting as I instructed?

in Ortho lens doesn’t exist - only Scale.
but this shift at start isn’t a problem. I wonder, why camera works different in render and in Game Engine (move camera a bit in 3D Window) - this is not a true ortho, or something like that?

O, right, scale is what I meant.

Well, if adjusting the scale is not the solution, I don’t know what is. I moved the camera around in ortho, and I can’t see what you are talking about.

Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help here.

Good luck on this, I hope you find the answer.