Bug or no?: setting Edge Crease interactively w/the mouse?

Am I doing something wrong, or does mousing the Edge Crease value in the negative direction kinda not work? Specifically, the -1 value doesn’t clamp, and seems to loop around to +1. In contrast, +1 seems to clamp.

At any rate, it seems harder to use than it should be.

The -1 doesn’t clamp indeed, though if you just need that exactly, you can hold ctrl, makes it a bit easier. “Not a bug”, until such time as the devs start considering design mistakes as bugs.

Since +1 clamps, surely they intended -1 to clamp also.

I’d say that’s a failure of some sort. In my book, a bug, a “UI bug”. They don’t get off the hook just 'cuz the program doesn’t crash and kill your cat.

Nah, they intended to reuse the scale transform for this. You may have noticed it’s working radial from pivot, not linear from left to right etc.

And they will absolutely “get off the hook” since that’s “working as intended”, even if intended is bizarre. They really need the fix-those-design-flaws department.