BUG(?) when overlap strokes in different GP Objects (2.80)

Hi guys!!
I ask for help on this, please.

UPDATE: I notice if I move a little bit to the front fix the issue. But, the problem is, two objects can´t be in the same plane. When we are talking about 2D animation, this is a little bit weird.

When I draw in just one GP Object, everything works perfectly. But when I use two or more GP Objects, and overlap them, the blender puts a fine, white border on the GP Objects that are on top.

Would this be a GP bug, or simply a tool that I can disable? The problem is that: this is being rendered by the blender in the final image.

Here is a sample:

I have tested on two different computers:


Can you help me?
Thank you very much!!

Yes. But you are making a 2D animation in a 3D software.
The bug is present with a camera which, by default, tries to render Perspective.
If you don’t care about perspective from 3D Space, you can set Type of Camera into its properties to Orthographic : that solves the bug.

If you don’t want to change camera, for the moment, you have to adopt a workaround.
You can set an object a little bit forward. You just need to move it a little bit on Y axis to solve the issue.
Or you can use only one object and animate different strokes by using an armature, each stroke animated by one bone of armature.

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That´s the point! I was drawing with the old Flash in my mind. Here is different! Of course! It makes perfect sense.

I notice about move a little bit forward on Y axis a few hours after post here. But I will try change the camera proprieties to Orthographic. Thank you very much!!!