Bug with LinV?

Basically I’m doing lots of tests with different motions and found LinV has good movement control and editting but does it not take into account gravity? If I walk off the map and keep holding the forward motion button I stay in the air and don’t fall. When I release I fall but I can go forward again and hold my position floating around… As you can imagine this is very frustrating for jumping as you can just fly around! :S

Just wanting to know whether this was a bug or my system?

Neither. That’s what LinV does. It ‘sets’ the motion instead of adding it, and all gravity is is a negative movement on the -Z axis. So when you use LinV, you replace the -Z movement with the movement you want to use.

Ohh right. So then what would be the best motion to use? Dloc is weird and Force keeps adding so you faster and faster…?

I hear that servo motion works like force, but allows you to set the limit.
Like it applies enough force to reach the maximum or something like that.

Lin V is…oh…yep allready explained then XD I wish they made a semi Lin V only with a gravitational pull = to the gravity selected in the world button XD

If you select Add, then you still fall correct?

Yes I think so but I get faster and faster which is annoying… anyway to set a limit?

speedx = own.getLinearVelocity[0]
speedy = own.getLinearVelocity[1]
speedz = own.getLinearVelocity[2]

then use if statements.