bug with nodes in cycles with home button ?

can some one confirm that if you click on the home button to see al nodes you cannot see all the nodes in cycles

here is file sample

thanks for any feedback

happy cl


znug1.blend (89.4 KB)

There is a maximum level of zooming out and you have to exceed that to show all the nodes in your case

but home is supposed to bring all nodes into the view port
as I remember of !

mind you this is the only file I have this problem
so could be some earlier bug from older bl version !

but still the latest bl should work normally for home button !

happy bl

but home is supposed to bring all nodes into the view port
as I remember of !
It does bring them into view but your screen is not big enough to show all the area.

Tell me the blender version where your example blend file works ‘correctly’ ?
I’d suggest you can’t find one. In the node editor zoom out the view and you will find you reach a limit. This limit is still there when you hit Home so if the window is not large enough the zoom limit will not be enough to show the whole node system, just what you see in your example.

I meant that this specific nodes setup had a problem for a few bl version now

the idea is that home is supposed to change the zoom factor and bring all nodes in the view
at least this is how it works in the viewport !

home should override the zoom factor which it does in viewport
but not in nodes editor so not consistent here !

I did a bug report will see answer I get

happy bl

It seems home button does not reset scale, your nodes are scaled beyond the zoom limit , select all nodes and scale them down and they will come home.