Bugatti concept car

Hi all, new to blender here!

This is a concept car I’ve modeled in Modo and rendered in cycles. So far very happy with Blender’s results and UI! One problem I’m having is getting rid of noise on my DOF + Motion blur sparks. Even with 5000 samples, noise is a problem. (I’ve denoised alot in photoshop, I’ll post up raw render when I get home)

Am I doing something wrong? Suggestions?

More of the project here:


Welcome to the forum.
I would like to see more of the car. Perhaps some more renders from different angles?

here’s that motion blur grain I’m talking about:

Here’s a video showing the whole design (rendered in modo)

I just learned that there’s an intelligent Despeckle filter in Blender’s Nodes that could help out - though it might be best for removing ‘fireflies.’ Increase the samples on reflections too if you’re going 5000 - no reason not to I guess.

The model looks like it was a blast to create. Do the doors really hinge all the way to the front tires?

Apart from the sharp edges in the black and white part of the presentation everything else is superb , i love it.

Welcome to the forum! the render you have now is good. but it needs other renders with it showing more of the car as already mentioned :wink:

Ctdabomb - Thanks!

Thanks for the tip! I’m guessing that’s in the compositing nodes?

and yes, they do! Here’s a rough animation of the action

Sparks test from the Blenderguru sparks tutorial

Disclaimer: these renders are Modo

Shame about the modo renders (they look great tho). I notice some artifacts in the door animation (background flicker) is that a cycles problem?

Love your blog BTW.

Thanks! Yea this was before i started using blender. maybe i can render some animation in blender

Not sure if you’re rendering off CPU or GPU, but if it is the former, this may prove useful for noise elimination.

interesting…thanks! I’m using GPU, but this is still good to know

Awesome car design!

Try changing clamp to 1.5-ish this should help and then turn up the bounces and then turn the number of samples down to 1000. Clamp is next to the samples input box