Bugatti Veyron SuperSport

Final Result:

Hey Guys!
I’ve gradually started moving on to slightly bigger projects, trying to teach myself the modelling end of blender. So heres the first work in progress update for the bugatti very supersport i’m modelling. I’d guess i’ve spent about 6-7 hours so far.

(Click for high res image)

The doors, and details such as head lights and a number of other things still need doing, as well as making the car a little more low profile, because right now its ground clearance is like an off roader!

Comments / suggestions welcome

Hey guys,
Progress has been made, its almost road legal now, minus the head lights , breaks and a few other equally unimportant parts.
Added some glass, put put some shiny looking materials on + door spaces filled in. Going to be putting in the lights soon (Current is a placeholder), I think shrink wrapping them on might work well from an experiment i tried earlier today.

Any comments / suggestions welcome

Road texture stolen from google images, will replace soon.

Hey guys,
So this is probably going to be the final update, at least for a while in the case that i decide to come back and redo this car completely.
This is as far as I am taking it for the while, the mesh was getting to messy to add further detail as there were too many vertices on very precisely curved surfaces. Lesson to take away from this is when working n a curved surface, have sub d turned on all the time to save on excessive vertices. So anyway hope you guys like this first attempt at a car in blender:

*HDRI background sourced from a free HDRI download site