Bugatti Vision GT

This is my latest model made in Blender, render in Cycles 2000 samples and final effects with Gimp…

Wire style…


other views…


Damn, It looks amazing!
I’m not a super car lover but this one is really nicely designed.

I think the studio shots are better.
The garage one doesn’t look good, scaling, perspective are kinda disturbing

Amazing car!!!
awesome model…very detailed, good job!!!


this model is made without a real Blueprint image as reference…see below the reference used made by me with a series of picture downloaded by Google.


I agree with Pieriko, modelling of the car is awesome and the studio shots are much better… and no blueprints whooaa!!! nicely done!

Wao. I love this car and your studios renders. I’ve seen the classic veyron for real the other day! I want one. The topology of your model looks so clean. How many time you spent modeling this car?

I spent more or less 20 hours. Without a real blueprint it was not so easy.

Cool car, cool modeling, cool rendering. Overall, I’d say this is … cool.

Thanks… Cool friend! :slight_smile:

wow incredible…I love the model and the render final result!!! awesome!!!

Can you show me the car shader material?

thanks :*

This is the material used…

Very good! Thanks Man!!!

wow wow wow great job! i really love the model, the material and the final results…amazing job!!! :slight_smile:

Hey man, you are the best!!! I really love all your models…5 star for you! :slight_smile:

Strange, all parts are in perfect scale…I think it’s the perspective that change the view sensation.

Thanks friend!!!

Thanks friend!!!