Bugged Beetle

I started working on creating a beetle yesterday (inspired by the Riven beetle), but I’m getting a strange error when rendering.
You can see it below.


It really looks weird. If anybody could help me out I would be most thankful.

EDIT: I removed the blend file for bandwidth reasons.

What’s it supposed do look like?


This is a more normal render (from a different angle). As you can see the head is closed and not open with strange triangles in it.

Sorry, but I don’t see what is this f.k.ing problem. :frowning:

On the material panel, uncheck the “ZInvert” button, for the red material, and it should work.
Edit : ooops, I forgot : also uncheck the “Env” button, on the “mirror transp” tab (still on the material panel).

Thanks a lot duskblue. I must have turned those on by accident.
I really couldn’t find out what went wrong, I thought it had something to do with the render settings of the scene.
Thanks again.

For those who were wondering what was wrong: have a look at the following two images.

Wrong image
Right image