Bugs and framerate issues after Win 10 update

Apologies if the topic isn’t the most directly related.

I’ve installed the Windows 10 Fall creators update recently and had several issues with BGE immediately after. On every file that I’ve opened, the engine is struggling to reach 30 fps, if not lower, when it was easily holding 60 just before the update. In-game behavior of certain objects is wonky or even bugged, namely actions (playing wrong frames, loop instead of single play, etc.). All the files worked perfectly well before, both in BGE and UPBGE, and these issues show up in both engines no matter what is opened, even for a simple rotating cube in the void.
Strangely enough, the update also cleared the “temp” folder, for some reason. This leads me to think the update messed with Blender’s files in some way.

I’ve tried repairing, reinstalling Blender and UPBGE to no result. It really seems to be something the Win 10 update has done. All I can think of now is uninstalling the update.

Does anyone have any idea or advice on this? I’d appreciate it a lot.

im guessing the update broke your graphics drivers. you need to uninstall them and install a fresh copy from the intel/amd/nvidia website.

indeed your graphic drivers and get the next cumulative update as well, it fixes good amount of bugs in fall creators update