Bugs Like Character

This is a try of a “A bug´s life” like character. (disney pixar movie), i´ve ben working in blender for a few weeks now, and this is one of my projects… i really wait feedback, because i posted other projects and no one replied… :(, I have some problems with the pose mode… i think its because i have to weight paint but im new in blender and i dont know how to use that tool well… help please!!! Im also having problems with the grass… i think its not dense enough… i did it with particles systemm if you need the values i used ill post screenshots
Any coments are welcome


Well what I use for grass is just about 10,000-15,000 particles to make it look dense enough. And you might want to change the step slider (below the amount of particles) to 1 which makes it look like a solid line instead of it being broken up. Hope that helps!

Its quite a big ant :stuck_out_tongue:

Play around with the strands button to make the grass a but thicker.

i think you should model REALLY big grass, like they did in the movie. (instead of using the particles.) you would only need to make a couple differant spears of big grass, and then duplicate, and move em around your character. right now the grass is waaaaaay off scale if your going for something like the movie.

my $0.02