BUI - Blender User Interface - scientific visualisation

Hey all,
Very quick question: I a starting the Scientific visualization project in Blender which is called the BUI (Blender User Interface). It goes little bit like

-> (Extract TransformLoad) tool -> generate data cube -> Magic analysis -> visualisation

The only question I have at this point is where to place this project, do you think SoureForge would be the best place? Or would devtalk.blender.org be better?

Your oppinion appreciated

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I have build the database and now looking to connect it to blender.

Best option is, obviously, to use pyodbc. So on the left can be no matter a calc sheet or sql DB or base database connected via an odbc to a sheet …

Connecting it all is the PYODBC, so in Blender scripting window I would go like

import pyodbc

and voila, magic appears :slight_smile:

Is this a plausible approach?
Would you suggest or advise otherwise?
Is anybody at all interested in this functionality?
Has anybody already done this, or is (s)he in the process?



This looks like a good approach. Some notes on this:

  1. Based on what it looks, pyodbc is more like an “intermediate file format” so instead you would write an importer you just connect to the database to extract the data. Which is a good approach, provided you want to avoid file management.

  2. One other thing is that you would have to reconstruct the scene each time the database gets updated (see “dirty pattern”). Since the scenes are small you just update everything in one go. But if you would think of updating thousands of objects per second then you would apply the dirty pattern per object instead to selectively update each one when needed.

  3. You can use github or gitlab to upload your code.

Is it free for other users?I am looking for this to view my data.
I think devtalk.blender.org is the better place or gitlab.

Hey Sam,

The code will be released under the GNU GPL licence,
the code will be placed in the SourceForge environment (git* has some strange proprietary clauses in its T&C’s, making git be ‘owner’ of the code?!)
I am still in very rudimentary phase, scafholding, so no alpha relaease anywhere soon.
I am basically testing the python code in LibreOffice atm
Keep you posted

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Why not use gitlab or github?

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Git as owner of code? What do you mean? Git can’t own code.

I have read T&C’s of GitHub and there is some strange statement indicating GitHub being owner of all code living on their sites!? It has been a very long time and it might have changed but I am sure that is why I chose Sourceforge.

Is there an issue with choosing Sourceforge?

No problem at all, you can choose anything you like.

Personally I would use github for collaborations, gitlab for anti-github veto, or 100% dropbox (or google drive) for just showing the code. Also with dropbox you can have low-frequency collaboration as well but you can do it with applying patches manually (not by accepting pull requests automatically).