buiding project

This is a project that I made for granado imoveis here on brazil, i think that it ended pretty good and as I promissed to solar lune I posted the project here.
this is the website,you need burster plugin in order to see it, I recomend the "alta"version on the botton of the page.

this version is more simple than the one that I made, but for internet porpuses its good i think.
The problemis that their website is pretty slow it ll take a while to load it.

wow this is very good, it looks like an AAA fps game level :slight_smile:

I have a project like this but 7 years ago, I have get good money for it :slight_smile: of course with more simpler graphics

the only problem for me is the very long loading time, more than 5 minutes (first scene)

and a tip: maybe better you use 16:9 mode and a bit wider FOV

more tips: maybe make a youtube link too (not here, there on the homepage)

yeah, the problem is their server that is very slow, this is one on my webiste its 10x faster http://www.fatorespaco.com.br/walkAPHQ.htm
and thanks