Build Modifier Builds Text Backwards

Hi All,

I had a great idea!

I would type a line of text and have the build modifier reveal it for me. Kind of like an instant mask. Once again my idea is limited by Blender’s ability to implement it.:frowning:

When I add a build modifier to a font object that has been converted to a mesh, Blender builds the mesh from right to left, not left to right like the way I want it (and the way people read).

Is there any fix for this? I assume it is a face order thing at the sub-object level. Is there a way to simply reverse the order of faces in a mesh to achieve my great idea?

Add text,
convert to mesh [Alt] + [c] -> (Convert Font to Mesh),
In object mode, press [Ctrl] + [f] -> (Sort Faces - Cursor Distance … with cursor located at default position, in front of text),
Add ‘Build’ modifier.

I’m not sure how good this will look since characters with a few faces like ’ l ’ will build really fast, while characters with lots of faces like ’ e ’ will build slow. Also, it would be dependent on how each text character is broken up into individual faces.

Anyways, I hope that helps, and also I agree that the other Animation forum in the projects group should be re-named to something like “Animation Gallery”.

Hi, Atom. I don’t think that build modifier is the way for it… I tried to understand what you need and made a project with the Shrinkwrap modifier. Just move the plane and it will reveal the text as a mask effect… the plane is hided for render and you can edit the text and the font as you wish… I don’t know if it will help you but i’ve tried the build modifier too some time ago and I gave up…


TextTest.blend (133 KB)

Very cool technique eversimo. The only downside is that all the “un- revealed” text geometry gets “shrunk” to the Plane. I guess you could add a material to make the text invisible based on the Plane’s location.

Thanks Jarell!

That really did it. I can build my text on!