Build your own render farm - for free (must own your own computers though)

We’ve been developing an addon that helps you build your own renderfarm from whatever computers you can run blender on. We aim for simplicity, whether or not we achieve it is up to your judgement, but we strive to make this an easy addon to use to get a decent amount of speed from hardware you already own.

We’ve created a short video about how you can do this, seriously with a few machines you can set this up in less than half an hour easy.

We’re in closed alpha testing, there is room for more testers, we’d like you to test, here’s how, head to to register (also consider subscribing for announcements of new releases). We’ll reply to your request to register and send you the pre-release version to test, provided you agree to let us talk to you to get feedback!

head to

Take care punching pixles out there :slight_smile:


Hi JamesHC.

I´ve been following your evolution, your addon is awesome, and I´m sure it will be a great addition to Cycles!
Can you make it work with AWS? Specially for those who don´t have enough horsepower in house and uses AWS as a cheap farm service.
Disclaimer: Maybe it´s already possible, I don´t know, I don´t have any experience with AWS yet.


Hi Juang3d! Its actually in development, if you wait a couple of months, you might just see an announcement :wink:

Another vote for AWS/Azure support and thanks for your efforts!

if you already have the hardware then use a nvidia cluster running CentOS
and put pixar’s software on it

Ok we have two! Roger that AlmaTalp we’ve tested its working now, but its still very prototype-ish. Planning on letting pre-release testers have a go in a few weeks though, register on the site www dot crowd-render dot com if you wanna test it, give feedback, report bugs etc. :smiley:

This already works with renderman for blender.