Building a budget PC for Blender 2.8+

Hello All,
I am behind the times, I own an early 2009 iMac running Blender 2.79b (iMac is Maxed out) and it looks like I need to buy a PC. I need to be able to run Blender 2.8-2.9 and I’m not sure what I need for a PC since all I ever used has been a Mac. If anyone has a good idea on what I should buy I would appreciate it very much ($1,000) roughly. Looking forward to running a newer version of Blender.


You willing to try building it yourself or you inclined to go for a pre-built? Note that in current times it might actually be better to go for a pre-built in terms of price.

Also where you from?

Something like this seems decent-ish in your budget range(999):

And trying to build a equivalent-ish system yourself right now would cost about 1200+

Thanks for responding Felix:
I’m in Berlin, NH (The Great North Woods) I’m looking for something better than my iMac which is
an Early 2009, El Capitan iMac
2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
8 GB 1067 MHz ddr3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 256 MB
I understand I can simply buy a new iMac tht’s a little better and then do this all over again. I feel I should make the move to PC so I need a PC better than my iMac that I currently use. I was looking at Amazon Prime. Researching something someone much more experienced has already done is time I could’ve used learning more about Blender 2.8-2.9. My iMac still does work fine just slow and I really want to learn the new interface in Blender 2.8 and up. Felix thanks for reading my rants I have a lot on my plate trying to get the full Patent on my new invention (which might be easier to draw on my new system, lol) I would love to be able to freelance and create whatever people need me to create more $$$ and don’t we all need more of? Tahnks again for taking your valuable time to read and answer me.


If you don’t need peripherals (monitor etc), something like this would be decent:

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Agreed, found a similarly specced machine for slightly cheaper(thanks to a discount) here:

No clue if its a good store or not, nor is/was it easy to find since I’m not from Germany and don’t speak or read German.

This might be better for future upgrades since it looks to not have any proprietary OEM parts far as I can tell. Wouldn’t trust the Lenovo Legion in that regard.

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Hi i know your trying to help as i own a sTRX4 motherboard those cpus you mention will not be compatible
these ones are,

And also the only cpu is available for a TR4 now is the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and that is just over 3 grand, thats all there is, i remember there use to be alot more.

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Yes supply is a issue right now, also note that I asked the topic to be split by mods so yours wouldn’t be effectively hijacked, this the offshoot. Yours is here: