building a cage?

(Phanos) #1

hi, im pretty new to blender and this is my first post on the forum. i searched around a bit and havent been able to find a solution to my problem.

i basically want to create a cage mesh for an object. for example, if i were to create a simple mesh, duplicate all the faces and seperate them, then remove all the faces but leave the edges, so that i have a wireframe of the mesh, is there any way to extrude those edges into a mesh? i guess what im asking is, is there a function that turns a line into a cylinder, or a circle into a donut?

thanks in advance

(BeBraw) #2

You mean something like this?

(DracoFodder) #3

Do a search for wire_mesh here on elysiun and there are several threads about htis really cool python script.

It should do what you’re looking for without all the manual modelling.

(DracoFodder) #4

Sorry, My last post may have been too quick, I can’t get the to work with 2.37a and I can’t read French well enough to figure out if the tesselate script is actually working correctly. (pushing button settings at random is a sorry way to go about testing the script) :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an alternative for this?

(Phanos) #5

the wire script was exactly what i was looking for, thankyou

(DracoFodder) #6

Did it work for you on 2.37a?

Now I gotta go figure out why its NOT working for me.


(Phanos) #7

yes, it is working for me on blender 3.27 with python 2.3.3.

earlier i couldnt get it to run, messed around with the tesselate script a little bit, went back to the wire_mesh after i couldnt figure out all of the options. and it seems to work fine.