Building a chair in blender 2.6, beginners tutorial

This is my first try at writing a tutorial. I plan to create a series of tutorials aimed at making a simple game in the blender game engine. I’m still learning how to use blender myself, but I figure that’s the best time to be writing tutorials. Any corrections and feedback would be welcome.


This tutorial is for people with little experience in blender. It is on how to make a simple chair.

Very well done. Personally (as a novice) I prefer written tutorials over the video’s that are abundant.

Thanks, I agree completely. I don’t like constantly pausing videos and trying to figure out what they did.

Great tutorial!

written is always better than video… time saving and thoroughly understood.

Excellent tutorial, as the others above, I much prefer the written tutorial to the video versions…more please :slight_smile:

Nice tutorial! I’ve been learning blender and finding that a lot of the basics are assumed in the tutorials I’ve found… It was nice to see them written down. (I’m not knocking them… Those tutorials weren’t for beginners, really.)

I have a question, though. You extrude the legs, and then go back and make some boards that run between the legs. Wouldn’t it have been easier to extrude those boards first, in a big square block, and then extrude the legs afterwards?

@wccrawford Yeah, that would work too. The boards between the legs were more of an afterthought, after I decided the chair didn’t look complete. Its good to know how to work with pre-existing geometry anyways, so I left it in the tutorial.