building a new pc, question.???

(scrappy) #1

i have recently started building a pc( Soyo K7VDragon+ DDR
motherboard, athlon xp 2100, sound blaster audigy platinum) but what video card to buy??? i will either get a Gforce 4 4400 or an ati Radeon 8500LE, what will work good with blender and other 3d programs??? another question, was blender released for Windows XP?

(acasto) #2

When you get into graphics cards on that level, it probably dosn’t really matter which one is better for blender. If anything it would come down to OS compatibility with the libraries. If you are using XP, then I would guess they got pretty good drivers out for most of them. So the best thing to do, is probably just look up reviews for each, and see which one is the best in general.