Building a new planet - Work In Progress

Hello :wave:

I’ve been working on a personal project - creating a new planet from scratch. I’ve been learning a lot about geology and trying to reflect those details in my work. :blush:

I used a terrain generator for the land height and the biomes, and rendered everything in Blender Cycles. Here’s my first render:

I’m new to the forum, so I can only post one image at a time. I have more images of the maps and biomes I’ve been working on, and I’ll share them as soon as I can.

I’m also thinking about creating an animation of the planet spinning, but that’s still on the drawing board.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback!


I hope it didn’t take super long to render.

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Well, let’s just say my computer and I have spent some quality time together! :smile:


I constantly tear down my PC just to gain a few extra MHz to quicken my render times :grinning:…especially since I am one of those peeps who don’t have the luxury of overpriced video cards.

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Ah, the quest for more speed, I know it well! :sweat_smile: It’s amazing the lengths we’ll go to squeeze out those extra MHz. Keep pushing those limits! :muscle:

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May i ask what generator you used ?

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I used Gaea